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"Bike Train" Stations:

Every Wednesday Morning

(2 hours later, if a late start Wednesday)


Northern Route:

  • 8:10am/ NE 14th place & Going 

           Conductor: Tara

  • 8:15am / NE 20th & Going 

           Conductor: Charles Treat 

Western Route:

  • NE 8th & Shaver 


Northern Route:

  • 8:15 am/ NE 18th & Fremont 

           Conductor: Courtney Brown


Sabin School

Bike Train Route Map


All Aboard the Wednesday "Bike Train"!

From it's humble beginnings in 2005, the Sabin School Wednesday Bike Train has grown into a community phenomenon, and a day the students look forward to each week. Many of our Sabin families are regular bikers or walkers, but if you've not yet tried it, a Wednesday bike ride to school is a great way to get your bllood pumping before class, and meet some new friends along the way, and at the bike racks.


Check out the super cool Street Films feature some very familiar faces of the Sabin School's biking community below. You can also view, download and print a Sabin School Wednesday Bike Train Route Map by clicking the clik at the bottom of the page. Happy biking!!


CLICK HERE for more cool bike info and resources from Street Films &

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