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BottleDrop Fundraiser

Support the Sabin PTA by recycling your cans, bottles, and plastic beverage containers through BottleDrop! This statewide program allows non-profit organizations to collect the 10-cent beverage container refunds that are earned when used containers are returned. Participating in BottleDrop is EASY!

  1. Sabin families can request up to 5 bags at a time here by emailing to request bags.

  2. Follow instructions on the bag. Fill bags with empty cans, bottles, and plastic containers eligible for a 10-cent deposit in the state of Oregon.

  3. Return your bags to any BottleDrop location: Hollywood Target, Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Whole Foods and more. Scan the BCS label on the bag and then deposit in the bin. The scanner can be tricky; try moving the label away from the reader and making sure the red light shines on the label. You do not need a BottleDrop account or card to drop off blue fundraising bags.

  4. Deposit values will automatically be routed to our PTA. That's $7-8 per bag! THANK YOU for your support!!

For additional information, please contact us at

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