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Sabin PTA Launches a New Era in Technology and Teaching


Thanks to a very generous donation from the PTA Special Appeal from the 2013 Sabin PTA Auction, Sabin was able to buy two class sets (54) iPad’s for classroom use. If you want to see students’ faces light up, watch them as the iPad cart comes rolling into their room.


Kindergarten classes use a variety of Apps to support their formation of letters and reinforce their basic number sense.


First grade students use Apps to reinforce beginning sounds for the words they will be using in writing assignment as well as getting to practice math facts. They are also researching other countries and finding information about cultures around the world and different plants and animals that can be found there.


Second through fifth grade rely on the iPads to access the Internet to research a variety of topics. They are asked to gather information and then write summaries. Students also use the iPads to practice their math skills and build their vocabulary using the PTA funded subscriptions to IXL and Moby.


Students are totally engaged when using the iPads and help one another in their use. They really appreciate how they can find out new and interesting information through words, pictures and sounds. IPad use is an invaluable way to meet the variety of learning styles and levels present in any classroom. Apps and websites can be used to reinforce skills as well as to offer students extension activities and new challenges.

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