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Black Lives Matter:

Sabin Equity Group Letter to the Superintendent

We exist in a time that is reeling with pain, uncertainty, oppression and struggle regardless of how we feel about it. Covid-19 has impacted our lives in dynamic ways that we are struggling with, continued sanctioning of police violence has been called out across the world, and demands are being made to abolish racist practices and policies. It is time we do the same on our local level. 


A few parents have written a letter to PPS and PAT regarding changes we are seeking within our school communities. We are taking power in asking both systems to do work to transform anti-racist practices and policies in our school district. We want to share the letter with you so that you are aware of our demands. We all had reactions to Guadalupe Guerrero’s statement about the murder of George Floyd, or reactions reading PAT’s statements of how Black Lives Matter yet uphold union policies and practices that ensure the school to prison pipeline is strong and well established. These moments were just catalysts for changes that are long overdue. Now is the time we seek deeper systemic transformations. 


We could use your help. Please write to PPS and PAT and ask that they transform their policies and practices. Ask them to make these changes, to reconstruct their written ideologies and contracts to combat racism and anti-Black practices that harm our communities. Encourage them to systematically change; our children's futures depend on it! There are many ways to get involved in organizing with marches, rides and protests. Let's be united with messaging, self/community-education, and demand real transformation of these systems that we participate in. This is long overdue. We have to hold our city and state accountable to the greater world community. 


Copy and paste e mails for Superintendent & Board here: Portland Association of Teachers e mails:,

Feel free to reach out personally if you have any questions. Feel free to create your own letters expressing your support and/or experiences of racism that you and/or your students have faced in our school experiences. Now is the time to demand changes and we’ve been holding these experiences way too long. PAT needs to hear from us. Feel free to send this out to your community of parents, educators and share with your children/students. We are building this together. If you have resources you would like to pass on to us we can post them to the Sabin Family Equity website as tools. Together we can show up for each other and build a better way!



Meghan Whitaker, Maria Cordero and Erin Wallace

Portland Public School Parents (Sabin)

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When parents and guardians are involved in their child’s education at home, they do better in school. When parents are involved in school, children go farther in school and the schools they go to are better!

We hope you can be involved this year... whether it’s simply signing up for a few programs, contributing an hour of your time at a school event, supporting fundraisers, or working regularly in your child’s classroom, there are myriad opportunities to be involved. Click here for a few ideas.


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