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Mt. Readmore is back!

 (More information coming January 2025)

Calling all Sabin community members,


Are you ready to climb Mt Readmore together? This winter, our risk-taking Sabin students will reach new heights by logging minutes of reading over two weeks. Our goal is to read 10,000 minutes to reach the summit of Mt Readmore while celebrating literacy


Track your reading minutes at

Look for personalized student log-ins to be coming home in January 2025.

OR email  Ms. Rolfe

Account Instructions 


Student can also keep track of their reading minutes on paper and return them to the library.

What should we do to prepare for these events?

Please review the calendar and mark down the events you and your students are interested in taking part in. Sign your students up to track their reading at using the code in the paperwork sent home the week of Jan. 25th. student’s code. 


Can my student log time without signing up for

Yes! Paper forms will be available for families that would prefer not to sign up online. Ask your teacher for them.


Are students responsible to get sponsors to participate?

No! Students do not have to get sponsors to take part. This is a school-wide celebration of reading with a small fundraising component. The funds raised will be used to pay for the costs of the activities. Any extra proceeds will be earmarked for PTA activities


How do you ensure that students are tracking minutes accurately?

We want to make this a positive, inspiring experience for all Sabin students. We expect students to accurately log their reading minutes. If there are some possible errors or exaggerations in the entries, we will work with students, teachers and parents to help correct them. 


Who do I contact if I have more questions or if I’d like to volunteer to help with Mt Readmore?


Should we log minutes that were read at school? 

The goal is to inspire kids to read more. If a student is using free time to read at school, then sure. In general, we want this to be a positive experience, so we encourage parents and teachers to use their best judgement on which minutes to count.


My child read 6 hours on Saturday. Why can’t she log those minutes? 

That’s wonderful! We set the daily cap at 240 minutes to prevent kids from exaggerating and skewing the total minutes read. We love healthy competition to get kids energized to read more, but we don’t want kids to inflate their logged minutes.


What about the evening kickoff?

On Wednesday, Jan 31th Sabin will welcome Jelani Memory, author, publisher and business owner of the company that produces A Kids' Book about series for an assembly for grades 3-5. 

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