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Join the PTA!

Your membership fee provides:

  • Membership in the largest all-volunteer child advocacy group

  • Voting rights at PTA meetings, which include critical spending and budget allocation decisions

  • 100% tax deductible donation

  • An important contribution to our Sabin PTA Budget

Why does PTA funding matter?

​Each year, the PTA makes grant money available to individual teachers for classroom supplies, field trips and more. 

Want to increase your impact? Here are some options.

  • Join the PTA or make a donation early in the school year.

  • Ask your employer for a matching donation.

  • Come to PTA meetings, share ideas and vote on important issues that affect your children.

  • Volunteer on PTA Committees and special PTA fundraising events.

  • Invite others to join the PTA -- friends, grandparents, and all other interested parties are all welcome!

We welcome your voice and ideas, and your family's participation is needed.

Membership is open to all and scholarships are available with no questions asked.


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