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The Sabin School Foundation raises money to fund additional staff positions at Sabin School; additional staffing in our public schools can only be funded through a school foundation. 


The Sabin Foundation is a part of the Fund for Portland Public Schools, which is the foundation mechanism for the Portland Public Schools district. It also provides the infrastructure for the local Sabin School Foundation and other individual school foundations. The Fund for PPS manages the Portland Public School Equity Fund, whereby one-third of the funds raised through the Sabin Foundation (above an initial $10,000 threshold) go to the Fund for PPS. This equity fund is distributed among schools that are less able to raise money and helps close the achievement gap.

The Foundation Committee meets periodically throughout the year. Please join us to learn more about the foundation, ask questions, and support Sabin by sharing your time and talents with the foundation committee. 


What does the Sabin School Foundation support? 

  • The Sabin School Foundation supports additional staff, with a generous allocation from the Sabin School PTA.

  • Foundation funds have been used to provide art instruction, social studies, and a math specialist to help close the achievement gap.


All donations are 100% tax deductible, and go directly to the Fund for Portland Public Schools to support staffing needs at Sabin School.


Questions about Sabin School Foundation or how to get involved?

E-mail to:​

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