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Equity and Inclusion 

We are a Sabin PTA parent group that works to center Equity and Inclusion to decision-making in our school, classrooms, programs, partnerships, and our parent community. 


We are always interested in new voices to help inform the work we do. That means we need you, your experience, and your voice! 

This is how the Committee defined the terms “Equity” and “Inclusion.”

  • EQUITY - Each member of the community receives what they need to be successful through advocacy and intentional design.

  • INCLUSION - The thoughts, ideas, and perspectives of all individuals matter throughout the organization.

Our Mission:  To create a sense of belonging for every Sabin community member

Our Vision:  A school community where every member feels seen, heard, and empowered


We Believe:

  • Every member of the Sabin community has a right to a successful school experience

  • Underrepresented voices should be amplified and given platform

  • We can find unity in our diversity

Equity Lens:

  • Are there differences present (both visible and invisible)? Is there space made for difference? Is it accepted as is?

  • Is there equitable access to opportunity? Is the opportunity visible, accessible, appropriate for all?

  • Are we amplifying underrepresented voices?

  • Who are we advocating for? Who is benefitting?

  • Who might need additional support?

The Sabin PTA is on the lookout for a committee chair.  Please email for more information.

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