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Run for the Arts - October 16

Our annual arts education fundraiser will be happening this Friday, with PE coach extraordinaire Ms Julie Cushing leading the charge. Each class gets a 30 minute window to run as many 1/4 mile laps that they can to raise money from their sponsors. The money raised will be available for classroom teachers to bring in wonderful arts educators. In the past, we have had international dancers, musicians, puppeteers and actors come to the school. Additionally students have been able to attend local performances, and we even had a temporary resident music teacher who wrote the Sabin school anthem. This event is a fun community activity. Make sure that your student turns in their pledge form before the run, and be ready to help them collect funds afterwards to return to the school.


K-1 8:50-9:20 2-3 9:40-10:10 4-5 10:30-11:00 MYP 1:00-1:30


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