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Run for Sabin School

Dear Sabin families,

We are excited to announce the first annual Run for Sabin School on Friday, October 28. 2016. This school-wide community event is being organized by the Sabin PTA with the collaboration and support of school staff. Our hope is to raise $25,000 that we can use to promote educational excellence and support the success of all Sabin students.

The Run for Sabin School replaces the previous Run for the Arts fundraiser, which is managed by a nonprofit called Young Audiences and raises funds dedicated to arts programming. Sabin currently has almost $51,000 in our Run for the Arts account from past years’ fundraisers. With current funding levels, teachers will be able to use this money for teaching artist residencies, performances and workshops by artists, and field trips to concerts, plays, exhibitions, etc. for the next several years.

Knowing that those funds will be available for the arts, the Sabin PTA volunteered to take the management of our jog-a-thon event in-house, which will allow us to have more flexibility on how these hard-earned dollars are spent. Moving forward, the PTA and school administrators propose directing resources to the areas of greatest need at Sabin. Each year, I will work with staff to identify the best way funds from our Run for Sabin School will be utilized to promote educational excellence and partner with the PTA to allocate these funds.

According to Sabin’s 2015‐16 Smarter Balanced Assessment results, among all 3rd through 8th graders, 28% of our students are not meeting grade-level benchmarks in English Language Arts, and 39% are not meeting grade-level benchmarks in math. That means about one hundred 3rd- to 8th-grade students have been consistently struggling to keep up in class. Helping all students reach their greatest potential is a top priority for me as well as for our teachers and staff members. This year, we hope to use $10,000 in funds raised for a program called Reading Results that provides reading coaches for 22 to 25 students in 1st to 3rd grades three times a week. If we are able to come together as a community to raise this money in October, the program could launch before the end of the calendar year. Also, I have been meeting with math educational experts to learn about how we can best improve student performance in math. All of our students benefit from investments to help every student perform at or above grade level.

We invite you to join us in supporting Run for Sabin School and all of our students by following these steps:

  1. Read through the attached materials.

  2. Talk to your student(s) about Run for Sabin School and our goal of making Sabin a great place for all students to learn and succeed.

  3. Help your student(s) gather pledges through the traditional paper forms and/or online.

  4. Consider signing up to volunteer - or even lace up to run! - at the event.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this event and our commitment to promote educational excellence at Sabin School. We thank you in advance for helping to make Run for Sabin School a success and in turn supporting the success of all Sabin students.


Reiko Williams Deborah Pleva

Sabin Principal Sabin PTA Co-President

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