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Welcome to another year with our International Baccalaureate (IB) program. My name is Sacha Luria and I am the new coordinator of both the Primary Years Program (PYP grades K-5) and the Middle Years Program (MYP middle school grades 6-8). For the last few years I have taught third grade at Sabin.

Sabin is one of four K-8 schools in the district with an IB program!

When you participate in the PTA's SCRIP fundraiser, you support the IB program at Sabin! Read on to learn how the IB program makes a big difference to your child's learning experience.

How is IB different from general instruction?

With IB, students get the opportunity to learn about a topic in many different areas. For example, in fourth grade students are doing a unit on Native Americans. Not only do they learn about this in social sciences, students are also learning about native plants in the garden, what food was eaten in the Northwest and about native and non-native plants. In Art class, students are doing a project of working on masks. In a global context, students are learning more about some native art in different parts of the world. In writing class, students are writing creation myths to explain natural phenomenon. In reading, students are reading stories that relate to the unit as well!

In a general classroom that is not IB, students might only learn about Native American tribes in Oregon during social science class. They would not necessarily have the art, garden, reading, writing and global connection.

Thank you for all of your support with the IB program!


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