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STEAM Update

Did your student tell you all about juggling and tight rope walking at Sabin? Did they tell you what they learned about physics while they were having fun? On October 27th, all students attended an OMSI Science Assembly at Sabin. This was the first STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) event for the year and was funded by the PTA. Rhys Thomas, a former Smithsonian artist-in-residence, used juggling to explain things like how where an object's center of mass is affects how fast it spins (clue - juggling clubs have the mass at the fat end so they spin faster) and how things are sometimes more stable when they are spinning than when they are still. Our goal was to kick of the year with some excitement and fun around science and from the feedback we heard, it seems to have worked!

The next STEAM event is Hour of Code during Computer Science Education week, December 7 -13. "Tickle bees code" and all students will do an hour of code either in technology class or, for grades K-2, in class using iPads. As last year, parents will be needed to help deliver Hour of Code in K-2 classes.

Look out for a request from your room parent! Students loved this event last year and we are sure they will love it again.

We're also working with Ms. Luria to help teachers enrich IB units with outside speakers and other community resources and with Mr. Diltz our new 21st century librarian who is working on a maker space/design lab for our middle school students. Stay tuned for information on how you can help!

We'd love your ideas on STEAM at Sabin! Meetings are 6.30 P.M. every 4th Thursday and we meet near school. Email or if you can join us.

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